Saturday, February 10, 2007

Debbie Reynolds double bill!

Debbie Reynolds regularly appeared in movie musicals during the 1950s and chalked up several hit records despite an only occasionally active career as a recording artist. Her song "Aba Daba Honeymoon" was a top 3 hit in 1951. She is best remembered for her smash recording of the theme song "Tammy" which earned her a gold record and was the best-selling single by a female vocalist in 1957 and was number one for 5 weeks on the Billboard pop charts. Reynolds also scored two additional top 25 Billboard hits with "A Very Special Love" in 1958 and 1960s "Am I That Easy To Forget", a pop version of Skeeter Davis' country hit (interestingly, Davis' real first name also was Mary Frances). Reynolds currently has several CDs on the market of both vintage performances and later recordings.


Here's what Bing Crosby said on the back on the record:"It was small surprise to me then that when I listened to this beautiful album she has etched for Dot, I found myself captivated and enchanted. Quite obviously, Debbie had spent a great deal of time selecting the songs to be included, because she made them her own, and invested them with a sincerity that's inescapable - of contrasting moods, to be sure, but the moods are there, and to me, mighty effective. And that, mes amis, is artistry.


I don't have her lp FINE AND DANDY, so shout if you do:-)


Memorex said...

I like the Debbie album. Thank you!

Ron. said...

Thanks for these albums
I never heard them before,I know borh ladies,so I take a listen.
Must be good music.


Sergio said...

Rapid erased the link. Any suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Can you re-post please?

Anonymous said...

fantabulous blog! long may you run.