Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tony Perkins & Marty Paich / How about you

Personnel includes: Tony Perkins (vocals); Marty Paich (arranger). Originally released on Epic (3394).
Young Mr. Perkins was the proud possessor of a deep, unaffected singing voice at the time (1957) he cut this album for Epic, which also happened to be the time that he was Hollywood's Next Big Thing. But for somebody being groomed to be a teen idol, Tony stuck pretty close to the standards on this recording, which was also blessed with great arrangements by Marty Paich. Also added is Tony's late-'50s singles for Epic plus an unreleased alternate take for a full-length, 19-track sojourn into a lesser-known side of one of the more talented and complex performers of the '50s and '60s.


Does anyone have his "On a rainy afternoon" album?


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Congratulations on your first posts ! What wonderful music. The Lizabeth Scott album is incredible. The tone of her voice fits the songs perfectly. Thank you for sharing the music , your love of jazz. I hope to share soon too.

yvana said...


I am looking forward to your sharing, let me know if you do!

Licorice Pizza said...

yvana, Great site you started. I need more exposure to the vocals as normally I listen to instro. Thanks for sharing. I shall see you at daniels I suspect from the comments here. LP

Will link you here.

yvana said...

licorice pizza,

i just linked u too! i love your blog!!!

i think there are far too little vocal blogs, we need to change all that - im trying to annimate people to post their collections!

Onzichtbaredj said...

Thanks for the very nice and unusual posts.

hi said...

Oh G*d!! Another blog featuring vocals!! I feel the same as you, I flipped when I saw Shesingsjazzandmore and shutter at the thought of the fine gentleman who posts there stopping anytime soon. This...your blog...is an EXCELLENT addition to the musicblog fraternity. Thank-you so much for all your hard work and for sharing your fabulous taste. Long live vocals!!!!

yvana said...

hi, long live vocals indeed!!!i hope more and more blogs like this will pop up! (actually i know of one opening soon! )

jeme.marie said...

exactly the same feeling of you ! a great thank for theses ones! it's ten for !
(the stan kenton and ann richard link is broken)

Jenne said...

I know you made this post a while ago, but I just ordered On a Rainy Afternoon by Anthony Perkins today and it should be arriving soon. Have you heard the album? If you'd like me to send the files to you, you can contact me here:


It's nice to know there are other people out there that are interested in his music. :)