Sunday, February 25, 2007



I hope they will not get erased by rapidshare again!

ps. is anyone interested in ripping lp's and sharing them on here with me?I hope so! I know some of you have big collections!


jeme.marie said...

good idea ! give us a mail ! and thank for the link of Ann Richards & Stan Keaton!
The n°9 of the amazing lizabeth is strange... Thank too for the video!

jeme.marie said...

me again...
someone have any info about the author of April fool, Davis ? (the really beautiful song by Perkins)
a link, the lyrics ? thank !

yvana said...

yes! email me at ! i will be delighted to hear from you!

friday817 said...

I'm happy to share some of my rips. Anything special you're looking for?


yvana said...

Pam, ill email you!!:-)

David Federman said...

I just want to thank you again for posting the Anna Maria Alberghetti album. It is a ravishing record and friends have been as deeply impressed by it was I was. Although briefly available in Japan a few years ago, it is now out of print. However, her Capitol album "Warm and Willing" has been reissued there. Why do I have to depend on Japan to unearth so many American treasures?

mel said...

Yvana, I have just found your great blog.

I have the LP Two's Company - Chris Connor with Maynard Ferguson.

Would you or anyone else like it?

Regards - mel

music2chill said...

hello yvana,
I like your blog a lot!!! congrats!
Please check out my blog...
maybe we can exchange links or something.