Saturday, March 10, 2007

Going private!

This blog is going private! Email for access! Tell me why you want to be added, your favorite singers...and if you are willing to contribute to the community!

it will go private in two days so hurry up!


Anonymous said...

i'm just fond of theses records (Tony Perkins is amazing... April fool ! and i could see her, she's young, pretty and walking "sous la promenade!" ... her name is mathilde and we're in april... "look at me... i'm an april fool....."
honestly your blog and the daniel's blog are so beautifuls! don't go!

Erik the Gardener

nb : i've others things for you one of theses days. This one is swing!

David Federman said...

If you're going private, take me with you. Like you, I love the great vocalists of the 1950s and 60s. Your blog has been a source of discovery and delight--starting with Anna Maria Alberghetti's sensational album, "I Can't Resist You." I was so impressed I went and bought her sequel album, "Warm and Willing," in an expensive but glorious-sounding 24-bit Japanese CD reissue from 2006. If you want, I'll be glad to share it with you. I take it your post was the 2003 Japanese reissue of the prior record. I wish you would stay public because the world has to have the chance to stumble on to you.

tallnfit said...

I simply like your blogg very much. It´s been a source of amazing discoveries. Don`t leave :-) I would already miss you and the vocalists you are introducing here.

Green Eyed Lady said...

Hi there.
How do I accept your invitation?
Hugs and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd love to be a part of your blog, and i have alot of stuff to share! How do i join?